Travertine Bathroom Designs

Travertine is timeless, sophisticated and luxurious. The choice of emperors and kings, it has stood the test of time among Roman ruins and in historic buildings around the globe. Now available for your home, it is an elegant choice for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor living space. Available in several impressive colors, it can be worked into a wide range of patterns and designs that will look stunning in any bathroom.

Travertine is available in shades of light tan, gray, medium brown and even a rich gold. The colors are all natural, and they work together beautifully. There will be slight variations of color within each shade, creating visual interest and style. Mixing the colors and introducing other elements will allow you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Floors, Walls and Showers
Travertine can be used throughout the bathroom. Appropriate for floors, you can also create an entire shower enclosure out of magnificent travertine. Choose the claw foot tub you love, and then build a large shower using elegant, light Olympus stones in a delicate shade of gray to offset the tub. Select medium Olympus tiles in a darker shade of gray to make the floor stand out. You can even use travertine for the countertop, creating a consistent look throughout the room and visually expanding the space.

Available in different sizes, you can easily create visual contrast by placing large tiles on the floor and filling the shower walls with mosaic tiles. Smaller tiles can be used as a frame for the mirror, or they can be interspersed within a larger field to create an attractive pattern. For additional contrast, choose tiles featuring different sizes and colors.

Rows of tiles can start to seem overwhelming. Break up the space and add interest by incorporating borders. These rows can be placed at the top of a shower, along the bottom or anywhere in between. In addition to using different sizes and colors to create contrast and flair, you can also choose to set the tiles in a diagonal pattern to create a unique look that is also luxurious.

Choosing travertine for the bathroom does not mean you can only use travertine. Consider mixing in other elements. Ceramic tiles in deep, bold colors can create contrast and further bring out the natural beauty of the travertine. Marble countertops are an incredible accent piece in a bathroom featuring other natural stone tiles. Mosaics can be placed in the center of a large area for stunning visual impact and appeal.

Architectural Elements
You can also use the tiles to add beautiful architectural elements to the space. Corner benches in large showers are easily covered with travertine tiles, creating a shower enclosure that is welcoming and elegant. Windows can be framed in tile for a gorgeous finish. Bathtub enclosures can even be fitted with tiles, eliminating the contrast between natural stone tiles and stark white bathtubs.

The options with travertine tile are endless. These beautiful tiles are an excellent addition to any home. Versatile and durable, they will make your home feel more welcoming and more luxurious. Visit to discover more about travertine tiles and how it can add beauty and class to your home.


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