Tennessee Marble

Marble is arguably one of the most immaculate forms of limestone.  Even beyond that, some may argue that marble is the most beautiful natural stone overall.  If you are like many people, you have an appreciation for things that are not man-made.  Building materials that are derived from the earth naturally tend to be held in higher esteem and value than materials that are not.  Marble has been used in sculptures and in buildings for several thousand years.  Ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed using this stone to create beautiful and ornate works of art.  Every building that had marble appeared to be more of a work of art.  Many of these buildings and sculptures are still around today, therefore proving that marble is one of the most durable stones in existence.

Just like in times past, many people seek to use marble in their homes and other building projects.  This is because marble has a great reputation for sturdiness and strength.  Marble is not easily damaged and can hold up to massive amounts of foot traffic.  Marble is just as beautiful as it is durable.  Marble is normally available in very pale colors.  Most marble is considered to be white in color.  Because of geological conditions over time, every slab of marble found in a quarry is different.  There are no two pieces that resemble another exactly.  This is because marble is comprised of compacted minerals that create distinctive veins.  These minerals are likely to be dolomite.  When they create veins, they do so in a pattern that is not replicated anywhere else.  The color of the veins can range from beige, to gold to grey.  These veins are a part of what makes marble so beautiful.

Marble is perfect as a flooring material.  When it is extracted from the ground, the marble slabs are subsequently processed by a manufacturer based on what the marble will be used for.  Marble that is used as a flooring material will be cut into tiles of varying sizes.  Tiles are normally cut in square or rectangular shapes of different dimensions.  Marble can also be used in other applications.  Some people prefer countertops that are made of marble.  In this case, the manufacturer will probably leave the slab uncut, allowing the wholesaler or builder to have it cut to size for the specified countertop.  Marble is also used as wall cladding in public spaces as well as in shower stalls.

Due to the porosity of marble, it is important that you understand how to maintain it.  Since marble is very porous, it may be difficult for you to prevent stains without having it sealed.  Sealed marble will prevent liquids and solids from penetrating the surface of the marble and make it more difficult to stain.  Sealing also helps marble to withstand scuffing and scratching that happens when people walk on it with shoes or move furniture on it.

If you live in Tennessee and would like to get some of the highest quality marble for your building project, let  The Stoneline Group help you today.

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