Driveway Pavers Wholesale

Customers have discovered that purchasing driveway pavers wholesale saves a great deal of money. Referred to as “driveway art,” pavers are concrete units specifically designed for outdoor use that mimics the appearance of natural stone. Pieces are durable, low-maintenance and available in a variety of colors.

About Pavers
Customers may be surprised to discover the concept for pavers goes back to 5000 Before Common Era (BCE). Segments used to develop the first interstate system in Rome endured harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic volume. In modern society, the first pavers were created in Germany during the 1960s. The United States did not start manufacturing pavers until the mid-1970s. Pavers are increasing in popularity among American consumers.

Pavers are known as flexible pavements. A special base bends and quickly regains its shape under heavy loads. This flexibility results in limited cracking, a common occurrence on solid driveway coatings using concrete and asphalt. Pavers are resilient to abrasion, chemicals and earth shifting during freezes and thaws. Driveways are available for immediate use after installing pavers. Special tools are not required for maintenance. Repairing broken units is easy.

Versatility is just one of the reasons customers are attracted to driveway pavers. Units are constructed from concrete, so a wide range of colors are available. Gold, gray or red- anything is possible. Available finishes include sandblasted, smooth and acid-etched.

According to professional installers, pavers are not only fire resistant, but pieces retain their shape longer than steel. Units are water resistant, but customers have the option of requesting concrete mixes that are customized for individual climates. Environmentally friendly households benefit from the knowledge that pavers are non-toxic and developed from natural materials.

Customers should be aware that their highly customized nature makes pavers a more expensive method of driveway coating. Units are less expensive than natural stone, but installation is a time consuming process. Before a price quote is generated, clients confer with contractors to discuss desired color schemes and driveway layout. During installation, each piece must be cut to fit planned design patterns.

Minimal maintenance is required after pavers are installed. Professionals recommend washing and sealing units two times per year. To avoid disruption from stray plant life, customers should perform weed control one time per year. Pavers are designed to last a lifetime, but some units do come with a warranty. If a unit cracks, a replacement piece is cut to size and applied, making repairs virtually unnoticeable.

Stoneline Group, LLC has pavers available in a variety of finishes at wholesale prices. Pieces are diverse, featuring plain or French patterns with smooth or honed finishes. Purchasing from Stoneline cuts installation time in half, eliminating the search process for installers. Overall project costs are reduced when customers obtain non-customized designs for their pavers. Use the Stoneline contact form to obtain information on available pavers or to arrange a showroom visit. Stoneline has worked for over 30 years to provide the best materials to customers around the world.

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