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If you want to spruce up your garden, pool deck, patio or driveway, using pavers are a great way to do it.  By using pavers, adding a walkway, path or outdoor entertainment area can help you show off your design sensibility.  Natural stone pavers can add a decorative element to any surface.  Traditionally, pavers are positioned and installed on top of a base comprised of compacted sand or limestone.  A layer of sand is then spread over each stone and is packed and leveled into the cracks between each stone.  This allows pavers to be secure yet flexible.  Stones are usually cut into square and rectangular shapes of different sizes, but may also include other less common shapes.

The advantage of using a natural stone paver instead of a concrete paver is that each paver is going to be unique.  Natural stones like travertine and marble have an individual look that will not repeat from paver to paver.  Since each stone has variations based on limestone mineral deposits, there are no two pavers that will look the same.  Stone pavers offer a natural and earthy look that will only amplify your outdoor space.

The color options for travertine and marble pavers are limited to certain shades between white and a deep khaki.  Since color is pretty standard, you can use patterns to increase visual appeal.  Pattern is the method of laying out pavers that can create an overall design.  You can incorporate different paver shapes and arrange them in a special order or direction to develop a beautiful pattern.  Common patterns like French can give a classic and elegant touch to your paver project.  You can make a mosaic out of pavers and use borders for enhancement.  You may also choose the type of finish and edge that your natural paver will have.  Some options include honed, chiseled and tumbled.

Stone pavers are very durable.  Marble and travertine pavers can withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear.  Sealing pavers will help them resist being damaged.  Spills should be cleaned up using mild products that are not acidic.  Stone pavers are great in residential and commercial environments and won’t get damaged easily.

Getting your natural stone pavers from a wholesaler can help to make your outdoor project easy.  A wholesaler or importer can supply you with the best natural stone options out there.  By buying wholesale, you can ensure that you are getting the best price and choosing from the broadest possible selection.  Businesses purchase from wholesalers because a wholesaler is more likely to stock a large assortment of products and samples.  Wholesalers often have great relationships with top manufacturers and can therefore offer a competitive price per unit or square foot.  A wholesaler can be trusted and relied upon to have just what you need to complete any project.

Travertine and marble pavers can bring warmth and extravagance to any property.  Stoneline Group offers several pavers, borders and profiles in different shapes and sizes.  All pavers are derived from stones extracted from Turkish quarries.

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