Why Stone? stoneline 10/10/2022

Why Stone?

Natural stone is natural as its name and everything that is natural is beautifull.

Stoneline provides mostly natural stone, which is the main material of the civilizations that humanity has built throughout history, is a material that is integrated with the human being as a symbol of security and security in the eternal journey of man to protect from dwelling. The natural stones have been the part and witness of cultures and development of the world are both part of it for thousands years. Formed by nature over thousands years, natural stone is the embodiments of luxury and sophistication.

natural stone does not harm health

natural stone does not contain any harmful substances in health. It can be used safely in places where food is prepared and in living areas.

natural stone is not flammable

The natural stone is not flammable and does not cause any harmful substances to arise during the fire.

natural stone offers too many options

There is no other construction material with color and construction variety as natural. This diversity further increases in surface applications. This offers a wide range of options to reflect the look and feel of architects and designers.

natural stone offers too many forms

there are a lot of forms to reflect every beauties and properties those are desired.

Natural stone can be restored to their original form even after hundreds of years.

The natural stone is a material that is thousands of years old. Pressure and wear resistance is higher. It has a structure that can last forever. Protect it with its timelessness, beauty and character. Easily cleaned. The artifacts used can be restored to their original form even after hundreds of years.

natural stone is economical.

Considering the use of natural stone, it can be seen that it is more economical than the unsound artifacts, which are early deformation.

natural stone provides heat insulation

The natural stone provides excellent heat insulation. In cases where they are used as exterior coating material in buildings, they prevent unwanted warming and cold.

natural stone can provide 3-D views

3-D view can be obtained with light and grazing effects thanks to the surface treatments applied on the natural stone.

natural stone is ecological.

Natural stone readily available in nature. Only energy is needed during production. After production process, residues and disposals resolve naturally in nature.

natural stone can be combined

the natural stone can be combined with its own product groups and colors as well as with many other materials.

natural stone is a unique material

natural stone is a unique material that can not be imitated. Natural stone is naturally forming veins and movements are all unique which means no two pieces are ever the same.

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