5 Great Reasons to Install Mosaics in the Shower stoneline 09/01/2023

5 Great Reasons to Install Mosaics in the Shower

When renovation the bathroom the shower can be an element of design and aesthetics. Mosaics are mainly used to make a space more original with texture, color and visual interest. Natural stone mosaics come in a variety of color, sizes and shapes to suit all tastes. Marble or travertine mosaics are highly durable, resistant to temperature changes and humidity levels making it ideal to use in bathrooms. Enhance the look and feel of your bathroom with a natural material that is both elegant and functional.

Natural beauty: Natural stone mosaics have a natural and earthly beauty that is relaxing and pleasing to the senses. Natural stone will turn your bathroom into a positively luxurious space. Very few materials can reach the level of sophistication afforded by marble or travertine.

Durable: Natural stone lasts forever without losing its beauty. Mosaics are hardy enough to be scratch resistant. Marble and travertine are sure to stand the test of time.

Water and Temperature Resistant: Natural stone can take a lot of punishment. Resistant to temperature changes as well as water and high humidity are one of the many advantages that natural stone has over other synthetic, less hardy materials. That’s why natural stone is widely used and recommended by interior designers.

Easy to Maintain: Natural stone does not require a lot of maintenance, making it a good investment in the long run. You no longer have to worry about breakage, slips, splits and stains.

Many options: There are many option of tones and patterns when it comes to mosaics, from standard classic to modern we have the perfect pattern for you. You can even create your own personalized patterns from standard mosaics by mixing and matching different colors or material.

The most popular use of mosaics in the home is in bathrooms and kitchens. But the material is not limited to the shower or the kitchen. You can use mosaics in any interior or exterior wall, floor, pool or any area that needs a bit of life. Using mosaics in a non-traditional way is sure to make your home stand out in a positive light and our elegant Tundra Gray Collection is sure to do just that and more.

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