Country Classic

The Country Classic is a high quality travertine with a brushed finish for tiles and a tumbled finish for pavers. The multifunctional stone can be installed in interior floors, bathrooms and kitchens as well as outdoor areas such as driveways, walk ways, backyard and pool areas making for a unified design throughout your home.

The Country Classic is both durable and tough, and resistant to stains and the whims of the weather. It has a delicate beige background with light grayish white clouds with a matt finish. The delicious texture of the tumbled and brushed finish is a point of interest that gives the stones richness and appeal.

The Country Classic comes directly from the deep quarries of Turkey, one of the main exporters of high quality travertine. Both the tiles and pavers are available in exquisite and luxurious multi-colored french pattern, no two tiles look the same, giving each piece a unique personality that is still harmonious in any design.