French Vanilla

The French Vanilla marble tiles in this collection have a timeless beauty unique to natural stones. Hailing from Turkey, like all natural stones the marble in this collection is one-of-a-kind, allowing you to create an exclusive style all your own. Specifically intended for indoor use, the creamy tones in French Vanilla lend themselves to many different styles, from modern to vintage and everything in between.

In contrast to artificial materials, marble brings an aesthetic value that has been prized for ages. Durability, history and beauty all exemplified in one tile, the French Vanilla collection blends seamlessly with a variety of styles and even high traffic areas. The large stones in this collection bring elegance and sophistication to any spacious room where they are installed. Picture a grand living space covered with spacious windows on two sides, enhanced by the creamy tones of the marble floors framing the view. The possibilities are as endless and unique as the stones themselves.