Golden White

The Golden White marble collection stands at the epitome of luxury architectural materials. Originating in Turkey, whose quarries are known for high-quality natural stones, this marble is sure to please the most refined of tastes. The snow-white background of this lovely material is accompanied by creamy tones that lend themselves to a myriad of designs from classic to modern to chic. Exclusively for indoor use, these large tiles accentuate the grandeur of a spacious living space or add luxury to a sizable bathroom.

The polished luscious sheen of the Golden White collection fits right in with the opulent furniture in a vintage design. At the same time the understated tones still work with a minimal design, adding light and a sense of care to the motif. Prized for its durability and good looks, marble has a long history in the most exclusive of architectural projects. The natural stones in this collection are no exception and will fit with an endless variety of design plans.