The gorgeous combination of creamy and white tones in the Limra collection originate in Turkey, a country well-known for its excellent natural stones. Limestone has a long history of use in construction and decor for projects both big and small. The honed surface of this luscious stone fits in with many different tastes and design concepts.

Use the Limra collection anywhere inside, from a warm and inviting kitchen decor to the floor for a living space. This natural stone works wonders for adding light and warmth to a room. It would also make for a lovely natural looking facade on the exterior of a structure. Limestone has the advantage of durability while looking better than many artificial alternatives.

Imagine a southern style cottage master suite, the sun shines in from a broad sliding door and illuminates the warm creamy tones of the Limra limestone floor. This natural stone matches equally well with a more modern design, adding a luminous warmth to any room.