Santa Fe

The Santa Fe collection is an enchanting and unique selection of lovely marble stones originating in South America. The white background of this natural stone is offset by the light and dark grey patterns of veins that make it so unique. Fitting beautifully with an array of decor concepts from minimal to luxurious, this collection is sure to please the discerning eye.

Exclusively for use with interior designs, marble in the Santa Fe collection works well as ornamentation or part of the overall design vision. Create a centerpiece by using it as a countertop in the kitchen, or design a bathroom around the cloud like feeling this stone conjures. Use it to create a relaxing backdrop for a living space or to blend seamlessly with a minimal and modern design.

The large tiles available in this collection are perfect to bring elegance to grand spaces inside the most exclusive of locations. The Santa Fe collection fuses in amazing ways with the cool grey and steel tones of the most modern of living rooms and offices, adding an elegance to any space.