The Valencia travertine collection comes to you from Turkey, a prime location for high quality natural stones. Available in tiles and pavers this lovely natural stone allows for a homogenous design vision within and without. Travertine is a stone synonymous with the timeless classics and longevity, from monuments to humble homes it works in many different arrangements.

Picture a lovely french pattern walkway leading the eye towards a home. Also known as a roman pattern, the french pattern is one of the more popular installation methods available for natural stones. The Valencia collection is no exception, affording an endless variety of decorating options while combining the durability of travertine. The brushed tile and tumbled pavers afford the opportunity to use this stone in areas requiring slip resistance.

From a modern minimalist white living space to a dining area equipped with wooden furniture and warm tones, the brown and yellows of Valencia travertine are at home in many interior concepts. The paver stones provide the versatility to continue that concept if desired on the outside of the space on a patio or walkway.