Vanilla Shadow

The Vanilla Shadow collection exemplifies the variety available when choosing a natural stone such as marble for a project. Originating in Turkey, this exquisite stone features a white background with dark shadows playing across its polished face. Exclusively for indoor use, Vanilla Shadow fits perfectly with any type of design style, from modern to classic and everything in between.

The ivory background of this stone brings light into dark spaces, while the dark overlays work to add depth to a minimal design. A bathroom with this stone installed in the walls and floors remains bright and airy with a calming undertone. The Vanilla Shadow collection demonstrates how versatile marble is in decor and shows why this stone has been popular for ages.

The large tiles in the Vanilla Shadow collection would not be out-of-place in a grand entryway or a large well-equipped kitchen. Speaking to the good taste of the owner, this stunning marble is a great choice for almost any project.