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marble collectıon

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Type; TILE
Size; 12″ X 24″ – 24″ X 24″ – 24″ X 48″
Finish; Polished / Straight  Edge
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Floor | Interior Wall  

The Bianco Vena is well-known throughout the world of interior designers and is appreciated for it’s light gray tone that is almost white with light and dark grayish and blueish linear veining and streaks resulting in an attractive material for splendid interiors. It also reduces the pore size of the marble, which protects it from abrasions and stains.

It’s almost white heart combine with the light and dark streaks to give texture and interest where it’s installed. Its elegance, strength and brightness make it one of the perfect types of marble for decoration and interior design used by ancient Imperial Rome.

The tiles in the collection will please all comers. As a natural marble the Bianco Vena Collection shares the same advantages as other marble but its unique coloration makes it stand out. The veining, that looks lie it was painted by an artist helps to hide the wear and tear of the stone. The light almost white color helps illuminate any area and makes any space look bigger.

The Bianco Vena Collection is a marble universally known for its uniqueness and interesting veining. The Bianco Vena is more popular with a polished finish that highlights the gorgeous veining of this material.