Size; 12″ X 12″
Finish; Polished / Tumbled
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Interior Wall

Very few stones can compare to the elegant Botticino marble. The Botticino is a classic marble with multi-tone soft cream clouds, golden veining and delicate white streaks, a gorgeous natural combination fit for a work of art. The look of the Botticino marble is positively luxurious and it’s highly appreciated in the world of design.

The mosaics of the Botticino present endless possibilities. Pebble mosaic will give your shower a natural, waterfall like feel. Basketweave mosaics will cover a wall quite nicely making it more interesting. A Botticino multifaceted panel is a gorgeous option for dressing a fireplace.

Thanks to its uniqueness and a history that goes back centuries, the Botticino Collection marble integrates ideal classic qualities with modern standards and is now a permanent point of reference in the world of marble production, distribution and use. Botticino marble has unique and inimitable qualities and represents a material that has become synonymous with purity and elegance.


Strip Bar

3 X 6 Subway


Basket Weave