Size; 12″ X 12″
Finish; Polished
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Interior Wall

The French Vanilla Collection offers aesthetic values and infinite possibilities when decorating the home. The marble in this collection achieves a sophisticated and classic environment in modern spaces. The French Vanilla marble is a one of a kind natural stone suitable for any decor whether modern, classic, rustic or vintage blending seamlessly with a variety of styles and tastes. Its soft cream color fits perfectly with any type of furniture or mixture of materials.

Your bathroom and kitchen will never be the same with luxurious marble mosaics.

The gorgeous French Vanilla marble tile stands out for its uniform light shade of beige and cream, with discreet white veins. The French Vanilla has been appreciated for ages due to radiant tones and quality finishes, this high-end marble can be used to decorate your entire home from walls to kitchen and bathrooms.


Strip Bar

3 X 6 Subway


Basket Weave