Type; TILE
Size; French Pattern – 12″ X 24″ – 18″ X 18″ – 24″ X 24″ – 36″ X 36″
Finish; Honed & Filled / Brushed & Chiseled / Tumbled
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Floor | Interior Wall | Pool | Outdoor

The Ivory Collection is loved for its subtle texture and soft cinnamon cream and white ivory clouds creating a beautiful natural pattern of color variations. Its warm pearly tones and soft color make it highly desirable, and also quite adaptable for any type of project. The light beige color blends well with any color and material combination. Ivory travertine’s classic look adapts to any interior design project, from kitchens to bathrooms, accent walls to architectural elements such as stairs. The Ivory collection is certainly an optimal and luxurious choice. Consequently, the Ivory travertine’s qualities can balanced in both modern and traditional spaces, be it a floor, fireplace or facade. The Ivory collection is an example of high luxury design.

The timeless quality of the Ivory Collection make this a great material for modern spaces. Thanks to it’s natural origins each tile is individual in its own right while still blending well with other tiles.

The gorgeous Ivory travertine extracted from the quarries of Turkey and is internationally recognized as one of the the best cream travertines. This beautiful travertine is a textured creamy beige stone with soft veins that include shades of white and even golden beige. The Ivory collection is a true treasure for natural stone lovers priced for its qualities and natural beauty. Travertine is a luxury natural stone perfect for contemporary custom made interiors. However, it has a long history that can be traced back to ancient Roman architecture, including the well-known Colosseum. The excellent physical qualities of the Ivory Collection and its resistance to impact, water and weather, along with its natural charm and beauty make this the preferred choice of architects and interior designers.

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Olympus Light

Standart Light

Brushed & Chiseled
French Pattern Tile

French Pattern Tile