Model; Subway 1×2
Material; Crystal Glass
Sheet Size; 12×12 (Approx.)
Application Areas; Pool | Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower

The Bianco Ibiza Collection is a powerful dazzling white that floods everything with light. There is a wide range of white marble. They are recognized by the the chromatic uniformity of its base, the type of grain and the thickness of its veins is characteristic and unique to each variety. Marble Miami

With polished surface finish for tiles and a tumbled finish for pavers, this beautiful marble is extracted from the quarries of Turkey but originates from the capital of the Pitiusas Islands from which it gets its name.

The Bianco Ibiza’s durability, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, variety and chromatic richness are just some of the qualities that have made this white marble one of the preferred materials for mosaics by decorators, interior designers and architects.

The Bianco Ibiza white marble is one of the best known and most requested. This marble stands out thanks to its white color and because it reflects purity and cleanliness. In addition to these characteristics, it also has the peculiarity of illuminating and amplify ing any room in which it is used.

Sapphire 3x3