Stoneling Group


Natural stone tiles, pavers, copings, veneers, and more.

Size; French Pattern 6″ X 12″ – 12″ X 24″ – 16″ X 24″ – 16″ X 16″ – 24″ X 24″
Finish; Tumbled
Application Areas; Pool Deck | Driveway | Walkway | Patio | Backyards | Outdoor

The Silver Collection of travertine stones is at the apex of elegance, versatility and classical appeal. The Silver collection is a classic travertine silver with a slight contrast of silver gray and golden beige. Its metallic tones give it a high-end quality that makes the Silver Collection especially appealing for luxurious and contemporary decor.

Turn your bedroom into a special radiant space with the gorgeous Silver Collection tiles. These tiles can be used in floors, walls or as chic headboard.

Available for an endless variety of installation methods, this lovely natural stone is quarried in Turkey. A luxurious natural stone of exceptional aesthetics and iconic imagery, the Silver travertine is prized among designers for its rich colors, dynamic texture and outstanding qualities.