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Natural stone tiles, pavers, copings, veneers, and more.

Type; TILE
Size; 12″ X 24″ – 24″ X 24″ – 36″ X 36″
Finish; Polished / Straight Edge
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Floor | Interior Wall

Available exclusively for interior use, the Thassos marble’s bright polished tiles are synonymous with classical luxury while holding modern appeal. Thassos is an extraordinary natural stone that offers purity and contrast. The white light of Thassos marble brings to mind its long history in elegant architectural designs. The reflective qualities of this natural stone light up any space, making it a versatile choice for a variety of decorating schemes.

The Luxurious Thassos collection offers tiles with a polished finish so you can appreciate the full beauty of the stone.

The Thassos Collection is renown as the whitest marble in the world, standing out for its luminosity, extraordinary purity and exquisite beauty. Its dazzling white color has an unmistakable Mediterranean air. As implied by its name, Thassos marble originates in Greece, a country synonymous with marble. Its almost snowy white recalls its Greek origin where it dazzles with light.