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Natural stone tiles, pavers, copings, veneers, and more.

Type; TILE
Size; 12″ X 24″ – 24″ X 24″ – 24″ X 48″ – 36″ X 36″
Finish; Polished / Straight Edge
Application Areas; Kitchen | Bathroom | Shower | Floor | Interior Wall

The Volakas Collection exemplifies all the lovely qualities of marble. The immaculate white background of this natural stone is enhanced by the beautiful grey veins decorating its surface. Perfect for any decorating style, this high-quality marble will amaze with it’s ability to enhance its surroundings. Available exclusively in large polished tiles, the Volakas Collection was made for grand spaces and elegant designs. The elegant appearance of the marble in this collection makes it a perfect choice for both classic and minimal designs.

The tiles of the Volakas collection will please the most refined of tastes. White marble dignifies and elevates natural stone to an artistic level. White marble is so luxurious that even the Taj Mahal, one of the eight wonders of the world, is one of the greatest exponents of white marble in luxury interiors.

Quarried in Volakas, Greece, a country steeped in history when it comes to marble. This natural stone is a dolomite marble. It’s longer lasting than some other marbles because of its superior flexibility, providing an amazing look even in high-traffic areas. The outstanding quality of Volakas marble has made it highly sought after by architects and designers around the world.