Size; 6″ X 24″ – 12″ X 12″
Finish; 3D Honed Panel / Splitface
Application Areas; Interior & Exterior Wall

The stunning White Wood collection provides unique creative opportunities in a stunning variety of designs. Presenting an appearance very similar to wood, this unusual limestone comes to you from China. Perfect for designs from modern to rustic, this unusual limestone’s appearance allows for creative freedom. The textures of the White Wood mosaics provide the perfect medium to naturally break up large spaces. Providing interesting points to break the monotony of a large space or create natural separations in open areas as needed.

The White Wood collection mosaic provides exquisite options for a quality and eye catching design, from backsplashes to accent walls. Perfect for details and finishing touches the mosaic options are a favorite among designers.

As a limestone, the durability of the products in this collection will pass the test of time. With minimal care and maintenance limestone preserves its natural beauty for a lifetime. A timeless choice, you’ll find limestone in both the newest residences and in ageless constructions built long before modern times. Providing a sophisticated look, the stone in the White Wood collection is no exception, blending into the creative vision of the most discerning of innovators.

Splitface Ledger Panel

3D Honed Panels

2 X 4 Splitface

1 X 2 Splitface

1/2 X 2 3D Honed & Splitface

1XRandom 3D Honed & Splitface