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What Is Travertine Tiles And Pavers For Floor And Walls?

Travertine is a timeless natural stone that has been used in architectural designs for centuries. The key beauty of travertine is its flowing variation that brings the nature to kitchens, bathrooms living rooms, bedrooms, floors and walls also on exterior swimming pool deck, drive ways, patios, walk ways even above ground pool decks so your entire home. With a wide selection of colors and styles, Travertine tiles are always first choice for those who have a taste of warm touch for appearance.

Whether it is used for interior or exterior designs travertine tiles have different finishes such as polished, honed and filled, brushed and unfilled, tumbled and unfilled. Mostly travertine is categorized as Paver and Tiles. Travertine tiles are used for interior projects like floors and walls whereas Travertine pavers are used for outdoors such as driveways, pool decks, patio areas and walk ways.

Most of the travertine tiles come ½” thick while the standard thickness for Travertine pavers is 1 1/4”. The quality of travertine is determined by the size of the holes which is the characteristic of travertine since it is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. It is graded as commercial, standard and premium in terms of quality. The bigger holes it has; it goes towards commercial grade. All grades has its own beauty since they bring different appearance to the area they are installed.

Most common questions is how to protect the travertine. Sealing is recommended on every natural stone to protect your investment from unwanted stains. There too many brands in the market for sealant. We recommend our clients to pick the high quality sealants which will last longer on high traffic areas.

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