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5 Great Advantages of Marble Floors

Discover the top 5 benefits of marble floors: elegance, durability, cooling effects, added home value, and easy maintenance.

Due to its great beauty marble has been used for hundreds of years and is considered one of the most versatile and luxurious natural stones in coatings and decoration. There are a great number of advantages when choosing marble for upgrading or installing your floors, here are just a few of them.

1) Durability

Marble is a durable and long-lasting natural stone. Marble can be installed on the interior floors of rooms with a high degree of humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens, since it’s a water-resistant material. When using marble there is a positive relation between cost and lifespan, basically lasting until you are ready for your next upgrade.

2) Variety

Marble offers a variety of colors and tones. Marble also comes in a variety of styles with exquisite veining in different shapes and sizes adapting to any design. Because of its versatility marble will suit any decor from classic to modern without having to compromise.

3) Natural beauty

Marble is a naturally elegant, beautiful stone that brightens any space. Due to the high degree of brightness, it’s perfect for installing in social areas such as halls and living rooms. In exteriors marble excels in incrustations of garden paths, and main entrances. White marble is especially gorgeous for social areas, with minimal veins the Ice White Collection will bring light into any space making it look and feel heavenly.

4) Increases property value

Since marble is a luxury staple, installing marble in your home will automatically increase the value of your property making it very desirable for any future potential buyer.

5) Installation

When installing marble there is not much separation between tiles which gives your home a unified look, making any space look clean and fresh.

As with everything in life there are disadvantages when using marble, it’s a porous material and easily stained by acids, but these small inconveniences are easily solved by using a sealant to protect the material after installation. Marble’s natural shine and elegance makes it one of the best options for flooring around, all that’s left to do is pick out the one that calls to you.

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