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Using Marble or Travertine in a Pool Deck

Explore the elegance of marble and travertine for your pool deck to enhance durability and style in any outdoor setting.

Pool decks require special consideration when choosing the best material and finish. The area around a pool needs to resist water, chemicals, weather and frequent foot traffic. Being non-slip is important for the safety of guests and residents alike. Fortunately it’s easy to create a beautiful pool area with marble or travertine stones.

Deck and Coping

The pool deck consists of the main deck, including walking space, furniture space, the open areas, and the pool coping, the rim immediately around the pool. Natural stones fit perfectly in both applications. The key is choosing the right stone and finish for the challenging pool area.

Marble or Travertine?

Travertine’s natural qualities are diverse, including a non-slip surface on the unpolished stone, making it a natural choice for pool areas. The tumbled pavers of our Ivory collection provide a lovely example of this type of stone, the creamy tones fit in with any decor. An excellent balance of luxury and function, a well-designed travertine pool deck is sure to impress.

Marble stones work well when coupled with a tumbled or leather finish. The textured finish of the Fantastic Royal tumbled pavers demonstrates the perfect combination of elegance and practicality in the pool deck setting. Add a marble coping to the equation to complete the design. Picture a modern pool deck with all the amenities, the sleek lines of the upscale patio furniture complemented by the timeless elegance of the marble deck and coping.

Sealing for Durability

Even durable stones like travertine should be sealed to keep them looking great year after year. Marble retains it’s creamy elegance in your stunning pool area when it’s been properly sealed. Mildews and weeds won’t get the chance to ruin the pavers in a pool deck that’s properly maintained and periodically resealed. Even common food items such as juice prove hazardous to the immaculate look of marble if it’s not properly sealed.

No matter the look you’re going for, natural stones provide a perfect fit for any project and endless possibilities for the imagination. Marble, travertine and limestone all provide different decorating options for your pool deck and coping.

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