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Best Natural Stones For Your Fireplace

Discover the best natural stones to enhance your fireplace's beauty and durability. Perfect for any home style!

Natural stone fireplaces bring warmth and a country feel in a space whether you live in the center of a metropolis or in the middle of the desert. With natural stone you can create a unique design with a strong focal point. Play with scale, materials and nature to achieve a unique custom fireplace design. You can find inspiration in cottages, cabins and natural places. Look for unusual stone and rock arrangements to emulate. Mountainous rocky regions or a favorite vacation spots are the best subjects of inspiration.

The choice of natural stone can provide a functional, decorative accent to the existing stone. Natural stone is a generally porous material that can vary in shape, size and color with each tile. Examples of natural stone veneers, good for use in the construction of the fireplace are limestone, travertine and marble. Natural stone can be in the form of veneer, tiles, slabs and mosaics giving you a lot of beautiful choices. Stone veneers give your fireplace beautiful texture and personality. Natural stone veneer can be used with its natural rustic texture finish or a softer smoother polish, but whatever the case they must be treated with a sealer to avoid damage.

Marble is a strong, naturally occurring material that is extracted from quarries and cut into different shapes and sizes for different construction projects, including fireplaces. These veneers are heat resistant and are generally used after being sealed to prevent water and general wear damage. Marble can take the heat without cracking or chipping with the extreme temperature. Marble may be used anywhere around a fireplace, which includes both the wall and the surrounding floor, as well as directly in the fireplace.

When building a fireplace, many owners are attracted to natural stone as a building material due to the natural feeling it provides to the decoration of any room. Natural stone is also a versatile material for fireplace construction, since it can be used to achieve several different styles depending on the type of natural stone used. Our Fantastic Royal marble collection has elegant gorgeous cream tone veneers with pearly white that will complement the element of fire perfectly and reflect the light back to illuminate the entire space.

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