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Best Natural Stones of Bathrooms

Explore top natural stones for bathrooms—marble, travertine, and more, ensuring style and durability for your sanctuary.

Do you know which natural stone is most suitable for your bathroom? And where to place it, in the sink, shower or walls? Everybody loves natural stones, they are elegant, warm and versatile with a ton of possibilities. But, what about bathrooms? Well natural stones are an ideal and smart option for bathrooms, the choice of natural stone will give your space a special touch and a sense of well-being.

One type of stone that is not recommended in bathrooms are porous stones such as sandstone. Materials such as marble or travertine are usually the most suitable for covering high humidity areas. When installing, It’s best to waterproof the tile joints or stone panels to avoid water seepage. This advice is especially important when the water is in permanent contact with the stone, in the case of showers or tub coverings.


Few sensations are comparable to feeling a natural stone shower tiles or mosaics under your feet. Natural stone transmits relaxation and tranquility. Therefore, a stone bathtub is also another special piece for your bathroom. Most showers and natural stone bathtubs are made of marble or travertine. Both marble and travertine are slip resistant with the right finish. They are very easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

A natural stone tile floor will provide the bathroom with greater anti-slip protection. Thanks to rough surface finishes, natural stone will be your ally as a non-slip product. The choice of color is important when decorating the floor of a bathroom with stone. The lighter shades of marble or travertine such as white or golden tones will give a feeling of space and luminosity, such as the bright Diamond White Collection, while darker ones will have the opposite effect.

The bathroom is the space with the highest humidity in the house, since it is in permanent contact with the water. Natural stone walls are a perfect fit for the bathroom. Not only valued for its extraordinary beauty and obvious aesthetics but also for its natural qualities of strength and durability. Using natural stone panels will provide volume and a rustic appearance, perfect for decorating bathrooms, even the most contemporary ones.

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