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How to Choose the Ideal Paver for Your Patio or Garden

Discover tips for selecting the perfect paver for your patio or garden, enhancing beauty and functionality with the right choice.

Pavers have been used throughout history to make walking paths through the forest, historically pavers consist of materials and rocks found in nature. Nowadays pavers have a more unified and stylized look due to industrial production. Pavers can be an aesthetic choice besides being practical, installing pavers will allow you to enjoy your backyard and take in the breeze and sunlight anytime, even after the rain. An ideal use for pavers is to create unique and inviting living areas and pathways in and around your patio or garden to achieve the most attractive effect.

Color plays an important role in how a space looks and feels. The most common colors are different variations of ivory and beige tones, gray tones and variations of whites, there are also darker versions available. The ivory and beige tones are reminiscent of sunlight and a great choice for a more rustic look and feel. The gray tones are a great complement to the greenery around a backyard making any space look elegant, chic and modern. The white tones are pure and crystalline, lighting up any area as well as giving a touch of sophistication and freshness.

Materials for pavers vary as much as the colors. The most recommended are travertine and marble which are much more elegant and durable than concrete or wood, besides being more water-resistant and saving you money in the long run, while keeping its beauty for years to come.

Sizes are very important when choosing exactly how you want your patio or garden to look to create an original design. There are sizes variations you can play with from small to large and even mix and match to achieve the perfect look.

Besides the options mentioned above pavers come in a variety of finishes and textures from the tumbled surface of our Silver Travertine collection to the sandblasted marble pavers of the Ice White marble collection, both of which offer friction for slip protection.

Pavers will help you design a unique exterior space when considering the different shapes and sizes, in addition to the tones. Also, you can choose to cover all or part of your patio or garden. Pavers can usually be installed on a level and compacted base without the need for any binder material, especially pavers with shapes that fit into each other. The appeal of pavers makes them a great aesthetic choice for its elegance and functionality. Whether you are looking for variety, updating or remodeling we have the perfect paver for your needs.

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