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Packaging Of Travertine Floor Tile

Explore the essential aspects of travertine floor tile packaging to ensure quality and protection during transit.

A standard Travertine Pallet, which is packed with 1 1/4” thick pavers and has the dimensions 48” (length) x 24” (width) x 37” (height) holds up to 200 sqf of material and weighs between 3100 and 3200 lbs. The pallets which are used for transporting 16×16 or 16×24 travertine pavers can hold up to 267 sqf of material and weigh up to 4250 lbs. These are critical numbers for logistic calculations. A full truck load of travertine pavers would imple 15 x 200 sqf pallets which can weigh up to the max load of 48,000 lbs and cover an area of 3,000 sqf.

A standard Travertine tile crate, which is packed with 0.5” thick tiles and has the dimensions 4′ x 3′ x 4′ can hold up to 2100-2200 lbs of Travertine tiles. These tiles can use as interior floor tile in living room, and good for bathroom tile floor, kitchen tile floor, shower tile on floors and walls.

The most common use of travertine crates is for the transport of 18×18 and French pattern tiles which is two of the most demanded travertine tile sizes in the USA. 99% of the time, travertine crates contain 160 pieces of 18×18 tiles which covers and area of 360 sqf. The French pattern tiles are packaged into bundles of 8 sqf which is referred to as a French Pattern Set. There are 52 sets per crate which covers a total area of 416 sqf. French pattern crates can weigh up to 2500 lbs.

Pallets are used to transport Travertine Pavers long and short distances. While most French Pattern aka. Ashlar Pattern aka. Versailles Pattern pallets (48” x 24” x 37”) contain 200 sqf of pavers, you may also encounter pallets which contain 176 sqf or 208 sqf. The largest travertine pallets can hold up to 100 pieces of 16×24 pavers which is equal to 267 sqf with a total weight of 4500 lbs.

Natural stone travertine, marble and limestone definitely best choice for floors and walls in every living space like kitchen, bathroom, and living room, bedroom also for outdoors like drive ways, swimming pool decks and patios. Instead of ceramic tile or porcelain tile with travertine, marble or limestone floor and wall tiles you can add value and aesthetics everywhere and every steps.

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