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Sealing Travertine Floors?

Read our tips on sealing travertine floors to boost durability and maintain their elegant appearance. Perfect for long-lasting beauty!

There are no strict guidelines in regards to the sealing of Travertine. It’s a personal preference and depends on various aspects. Many people ask how to tile floor maintenance. Everybody wants keep like new their floor and does not matter interior floor tile, bathroom tile, shower tile or kitchen backsplash even swimming pool deck tile.

For example, the quality of the sealer plays an important role. Some sealers include color enhancers, others are water based. If you are sealing a high traffic area such as a busy floor which is used on a daily basis, the sealer may not last as long opposed to sealed travertine wall tiles.

You can get away with sealing travertine once every couple years while some areas may require more frequent sealing. Some people don’t to seal at all although. My rule of the thumb is as follows. If you splash water on the tile or paver and the stone color becomes significantly more vibrant, it’s probably time for a round of sealing.

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