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Where Travertine Comes From?

Discover the origins of travertine, a versatile stone used worldwide for its beauty and durability. Learn about its sources and properties.

A travertine quarry is nothing more than a mine for Travertine stone. Most quarries are huge and look like open large pits. Travertine rocks are dug up in quarries and broken down into travertine blocks which are then transported to factories for the purpose of cutting. After cutting the blocks into slabs, tiles, pavers, mosaics etc. the proper Travertine finish is applied.

Most of the Travertine found in the USA comes directly with ships from Turkey in form of containers. There are many ocean freight services which transport this material across the Atlantic Ocean. It takes the ships approx. 6 weeks to arrive from Turkey. 95% of the Travertine containers arrive at the Port of Miami. Next they are distributed from the port to several different warehouses and wholesalers via freight forwarders.

99% of the travertine which you see online or displayed throughout retail locations such as flooring companies, swimming pool builders, tile flooring constructors, home improvement companies etc. is by default cross cut. This refers to the default way of cutting the travertine blocks which are harvested from the quarry. In order to produce vein cut travertine, the travertine blocks are rotated and the cuts take place across the vein. Think of it as cutting a tree. You can cut a tree vertically or horizontally. If you cut it vertically, the veins come out, same with Travertine.

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