Brick and Stone Veneer Wholesale in Pennsylvania, NJ

Exterior Wall Covering (Slab)Natural stone veneer is a specialty product made from slabs of marble, travertine, slate, or from crushed rock. It is popular for use as an exterior wall covering for both homes and commercial properties. It is made from high quality rock extracted from quarries; therefore natural veneer is a favorite for those wanting to increase the value of their property. Unlike manufactured stone and composite look-alikes, natural veneer is merely a thinner version of stone tiles. This makes it easy to install because it is lightweight and requires no additional support to keep it in place. Homeowners and contractors in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania can order natural veneer bricks and stone tiles directly from an import company offering wholesale prices on this valuable material.

The Art of Cutting Stone Veneer

Much of the fine quality marble, slate and travertine come from quarries located in Turkey and the southern parts of Europe. Large slabs are extracted and graded according to their texture, color and shade. A special saw that has thin cables coated in diamond dust is often used to create thin sheets of stone. These are cut into smaller bricks or tiles, packed in special crates and imported into the United States via a container ship.

Wholesalers of natural veneer ship vast quantities of tiles on a constant basis. When tightly packed in overseas containers, stone shipments are very heavy. The freight costs and import tariffs are reduced significantly because the fees are based on the number of containers per shipment. Large numbers of crates cost less to import so long as they are completely full of material.

Construction companies in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania can order the specific texture and color of the veneer bricks or exterior tiles needed for the job. The import company acts as the wholesaler for the final sale and distribution of the material. This results in the obtaining of very high quality material at below retail prices.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Natural stone can withstand the outdoor elements quite well. Because it is thin, shipping costs are minimal when ordering from a wholesaler. The material can be packed very tightly into smaller crates and sent directly to a contractor or job site. The advanced cutting methods used to create these tiles means an extremely smooth inner surface. Natural stone veneer can be installed over a wide variety of substrate materials including plywood, flat paneling, existing stone walls and even brick.

Older homes made with brick walls often experience chipping and fading of the original material. Covering them with a layer of natural veneer bricks can add many years to the life of the structure and increase its value dramatically. There are aesthetic benefits as well. Thousands of homes from Trenton to Philadelphia are covered in thin stone veneer made from natural rock not found in North America, and these structures have a very exotic, one-of-a-kind appearance.

The Stoneline Group is a direct importer of natural stone. Located in Florida, the company has part ownership of quarrying operations in Turkey and ships veneer tiles or bricks from its warehouse directly to construction companies and home improvement contractors throughout the Middle Atlantic region. Visit them at today for a close look at their fine quality products offered at wholesale prices.

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