The stunning bands of color in the Leonardo collection bring to mind warm climates and sunshine. These high quality travertine stones come to you from Turkey, an area known for excellent natural stones. Suitable for installation in locales inside and out, this versatile collection is sure to please the most refined of tastes.

From a Roman style villa to a country cottage, the creamy colors in this collection of travertine stones blend beautifully with many design visions. The Leonardo collection includes tiles, pavers and coping, making for a lovely homogenous design throughout. Used for ages as a premium architectural component, travertine is as durable as it is enchanting, allowing for long-lasting designs with the proper care.

Imagine a waterfront property, the french pattern Leonardo stones in the exterior entryway hinting at the warm design found on the inside. The creamy tones in each room fitting perfectly with the veins of color running through the travertine stones.