Luxury White

The Luxury White marble collection is the quintessential definition of what most people picture when imagining a marble interior. Originating in the quarries of China, this lovely snow-white stone is versatile enough to fit most decorating designs. Exclusively for interior use, this gorgeous stone would look great inside any of the most refined of locales.

Picture a newly designed modern home, the sleek lines of the newly purchased European furnishing leading the eye through the clean lines, the polished sheen of the marble floors and walls blending perfectly with the overall concept. Equally at home in more opulent surroundings the stunning Luxury White collection adds to the overall effect in a grand entryway or fully decked-out kitchen.

With a long history of use in the most distinguished of palaces, homes and monuments, marble has long been regarded as one of the best materials with which to build. Perfect for use in a variety of design visions, the Luxury White collection is no exception. Its ivory allure is both delicate and durable, sure to please the most refined of tastes.