The Silver travertine collection is at the apex of elegance, versatility and classical appeal. Available for an endless variety of installation methods, this lovely natural stone is quarried in Turkey. Silver travertine is the perfect choice for a unified design vision in both interior and exterior locations.

Use the pavers and copings to create a stunning pool view contrasting with the silvery tones of the travertine surface. The splitface form is both practical and modern for installation in a variety of decorative walls. Indoors the gray creamy tones of this beautiful stone fit in perfectly with a modern design while still being understated when needed.

Picture a well-appointed kitchen with a Versailles pattern backsplash adding to the chic feel of the design concept. The mix of grays add to the appeal of a simple hallway, transforming the ordinary to extraordinary. Get creative with an entryway by using stones from the Silver travertine collection to make a lasting impression on guests from the first.