The white light of Thassos marble brings to mind its long history in elegant architectural designs. The crystalline beauty of this natural stone is at home in the classical compositions it evokes or in a modern decorating scheme. Reminiscent of the Pentelic marble used in the Parthenon, the lovely Thassos marble offers infinite possibilities. As implied by its name, Thassos marble originates in Greece, a country synonymous with marble.

The reflective qualities of this natural stone bring light to any space, making it a versatile choice for a variety of decorating schemes. The snow-white color fits in splendidly with a modern design as an ornamental accent such as a wall or framing an entire room from floors to walls. Available exclusively for interiors this classic choice is sure to please even the most preferential of palates. The polished white of Thassos marble looks great by itself in a minimal design or with an added splash of blue or grey for contrast.