Volakas marble comes to you straight from Greece, a country many think of first when contemplating marble in a decor. The elegant white background of this natural stone is accentuated by the grey veins visible throughout. Perfect for both contemporary and classical designs, Volakas marble is an excellent choice for many different design concepts.

The large polished tiles complement elegant design concepts in grand spaces. From an accent wall to the bathroom floor, Volakas marble adds an elegance to any space. Picture a large antique white tub framed by the polished white and grey sheen of Volakas marble on the floors and walls. Equally at home in a contemporary bathroom with all the accoutrements, this lovely stone exemplifies luxury and good taste.

The silvery and alabaster tones provide the ideal setting to realize a modern design without surrendering exquisite touches that demonstrate a sense of refinement. The flexibility of this stone makes it the perfect medium to express a variety of design concepts.