Yellow Rustic

Our Yellow Rustic travertine line is a popular choice for decor from modern to classic. The brushed finish provides a beautiful aged look that fits well with an antique decor. The creamy beige and yellow colors are flexible enough to still fit in with modern designs and most colors. Applicable solely to interior walls and floors this lovely stone is sure to add class to any kitchen or bathroom design.

Picture the french pattern Yellow Rustic travertine complementing a fully appointed classical cottage style kitchen. The subtle beige tones on the floor complementing the yellow tones on and above the counter. Equally at home in a contemporary design these stones may be used to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen or a special look to a bathroom design.

Blending perfectly with other natural stones, Yellow Rustic travertine comes to you straight from Turkey, a location known for yielding high quality travertine to last a long time to come. Available exclusively for installation in the french pattern, also known as Versailles pattern, it’s perfect for breaking up the rigidity in any decor.